TEL 503-238-4487
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4207 SE Woodstock Blvd. Ste 238 (mailing address only)
Portland , OR  97206

+ ** P L E A S E READ Below -- ONLINE ONLY for now --- No longer an "open door" shop. ----- EMAIL or CALL -. THANKS! -- Look ABOVE for INVENTORY link, to SEE what WE HAVE -- * CLICK photos too ENLARGE them *. --------- CALL or EMAIL to ORDER -------- We SPECIALIZE in USA made (some European, and other) GUITARS of "Classic design" (ya know, Les Pauls, Strats and Teles, archtop, acoustic, semi hollow) GIBSON-FENDER-GRETSCH-RICKENBACKER-MARTIN TAYLOR-HOFNER-DANELECTRO-SUPRO-MARSHALL etc --- 503 238 GITR - - email; --------------------------------------------------------------------- ***CLICK photos to OPEN & ENLARGE -- EMAIL or CALL; +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ We have been buying and selling Guitars and related "stuff" since early 1970's. WE DO NOT BEND THE TRUTH; on that you can depend! THIS IS SOMETIMES NOT A COMPLETE LIST OF OUR STOCK. ---- Phone 503 238-GITR (4487). ---- email us at ----

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